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Melton Mowbray Driving Lessons


Melton Mowbray Driving Lessons

Melton Mowbray Driving Lessons

Well done to Hannah Freeman who lives in Melton Mowbray on passing her practical driving test. Hannah has become a really good driver through working hard during her driving lessons with her driving instructor Dave Howe. Now Hannah has her full driving licence she can drive her Beetle which has been waiting on the drive. Hannah has been great to work with while learning to drive. She has always worked hard and got the most out of each driving lesson. She has practiced with her family and thoroughly deserves her freedom. She is now able to drive to college on her own without relying on the buses or lifts from family.

Well done Hannah from Lytes Driving School.Melton Mowbray Driving Lessons

How to Pass Your Driving Test 1st Time


5 And A Half Tips On How To Pass Your Driving Test 1st Time

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Make sure you are ready for your driving lessons. Jumping straight out of bed expecting to drive well is asking for problems. Get up, have breakfast, shower and be awake! Sleepy drivers are a pain in the bum!


No2 Practice

Practice, practice, practice, practice (get the idea) then practice some more. Just when you are thinking “I reckon I’m ok now” that’s the time to practice some more. Don’t just drive round the same old roads, challenge yourself.

No3 Do The Things You Don’t Like

Any places you don’t like going, any junctions you don’t feel comfortable with, any manoeuvres you hate? These are the things you need to practice. We often don’t like doing the things we find hard and may avoid them. Be a tough guy, seek them out and crush them like the worms they are.

No4 Know How The Test Works

Know how the test works. Do your research, look at videos on Youtube, seek out articles. Know what to expect and there will be no nasty surprises (BOO).

No5 Do Mock Tests

There’s no doubt about it, tests are scary. It doesn’t matter if you are the most naturally gifted driver in the world you are going to be nervous. Familiarity is what it’s all about. Do mock tests with your driving instructor to familiarise yourself with the format and show up weaknesses. Treat the test just like a lesson. LISTEN to what your are being told (I SAID LISTEN).

No5 and a Half—-Go For It!

5-1/2. How can you have tip NO 5-1/2 That’s ridiculous….. Or is it?

The half stands for don’t go into it half hearted. Practice, work hard, reflect on your weaknesses and destroy them. Listen to your driving instructor (They are geniuses (ish)). Give it your all and you will pass the test easily first time. Why? because you deserve it.

Go For It!