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Driving Instructor Melton Mowbray

Driving Instructor Melton Mowbray

Driving Instructor Melton Mowbray are delighted to have received the following great review.

“Learning to drive was amazing and nothing like I expected. I picked Lytes Driving School because it looked the best online and had loads of great reviews. The way my driving instructor, Dave Howe taught was so good, the best teacher around.

I’m going to recommend Dave Howe because he is the best driving instructor around”.

Congratulations to Tornee Ayris on passing her practical driving test. We received this great review from her following her test. It has been a pleasure working with Tornee, she has a great (and unique) sense of humour which has made it great fun. Enjoy your driving Tornee. Tornee is already on the road in her own car which she has given a name, Fifi, can you believe it! She is now able to go wherever she wants, whenever she wants.

From your driving instructor Dave Howe and Lytes Driving School.

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Learn to Drive Melton Mowbray

Learn to Drive Melton Mowbray Customer reviews

Learn to Drive Melton Mowbray
“I was looking for a new driving instructor and saw Lytes Driving School on Facebook. Compared to my previous instructor the tuition was much more detailed and he explained everything but still made it a lot of fun. The coaching was very detailed and useful, my driving instructor, Dave Howe, would explain the reasons behind what you are doing, rather than just teaching you how to do it, therefore providing deeper understanding.
I would recommend Lytes Driving School because they are an overall great driving school with good explanations and deeper understanding.

Thank you for making me a better and more confident driver.”

Hannah Freeman, Melton Mowbray

Hi Hannah, thank you for the kind words. It has been great working with you and seeing your driving develop to such a high standard. Good luck for the future.
Regards Dave Howe, Lytes Driving School.

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Driving Lessons Melton Mowbray
Sadie Needham will be celebrating tonight after passing her practical driving test. Sadie’s drive was first class and rightly got high praise from the examiner at the end. Sadie took her driving test at Melton Mowbray Driving Test Centre. Sadie worked hard during all her driving lessons and thoroughly deserves her full driving licence. Sadie’s driving test was the last of the day so she had to control her nerves all day which she did to great effect.
Sadie will now be able to drive to work and her son to nursery without having to rely on the bus or lifts from her husband and friends. She already has a car at home which has been calling out for her to pass her test. Well done Sadie from your driving instructor Dave Howe and Lytes Driving School, enjoy.