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Transferring From Another Driving School

Are You Getting Frustrated with Your Lack of Progress and Struggling to get Your Driving Lessons on a Regular Basis?

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Learning to drive a car can prove to be a very frustrating experience and you can easily waste hundreds of pounds if your tuition is proving to be sub standard. If you have ever got to the end of a driving lesson and felt that you have not actually learnt anything then the reality is that you probably have not. The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency is clear on the procedure your driving instructor should follow when conducting your driving lessons. This is to ensure that “YOU” as the customer are getting the maximum benefit and value for money from each and every lesson.

Are you unhappy with the progress you are making with you current instructor?

We get too many calls saying that their lessons lack structure and they don’t seem to be making any progress with their current instructor.

It is a fact that 30% of people learning to drive feel the need to change their driving instructor.

David Howe, business owner

9 Procedures Your Instructor Should Be Following


Does your driving instructor always agree with you firm lesson objectives as to what you will be attempting to learn during the driving lesson and clarify exactly what you will be trying to achieve?

It’s vital that every lesson has a clear objective. Otherwise you will be quite simply ‘driving around’ achieving little and wasting your money.


Does your instructor teach in a non-confrontational manner or have a tendency to shout and complain after you make a mistake?


Does your driving instructor offer help and guidance to you with positive feedback and encouragement to build your confidence?


Does your driving instructor praise you when you succeed in a task? This is proven to be a very powerful tool to aid quicker learning.


Does your driving instructor involve you in an analysis of why mistakes were made and interact with you to find a solution to improve your understanding of the subject?


Does your driving school offer you the benefit of two hour lessons and a regular weekly slot?
This ensures that you get the best possible value for your money and continuity to reduce your learning period.


Does your driving instructor arrive on time?


Does your driving instructor always involve you in a recap the previous lesson to agree your strengths and weaknesses?

Do you enjoy your lessons or do you dread them?

How Many Boxes Does Your Current Instructor Tick?

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“Unlike my first driving school this was so much better for me. Friendly and enjoyable service, I learnt so much from Dave during my driving lessons”
Charlotte Handley

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